Internal Values: GREAT, COOL & KICK ASS

At Saphira Consulting we believe that freedom with responsibility is the biggest motivation factor, also for creating the best results. We have therefore chosen to build a strong company culture, instead of many complicated internal rules that often are obstacles for providing the best client service.

Our values reflect the way in which we work at Saphira Consulting. In short, we want to be the best at SAP professionally, easy to work with and ambitious on behalf of our clients and ourselves. We fulfil this by being Great, Cool and Ass Kicking.


  • We are professional, trustworthy and ethical when dealing with customers, partners, investors and our organization in general
  • We take pride in being best at SAP, delivering high quality and always meeting the expectations of our customers
  • We aim at making our customers heroes, and having them benefit from our expertise and network
  • We act as leaders in our global network.


  • We want our work environment to be casual and fun with a limited hierarchy
  • We focus on developing social competences, and we want to be likeable and easy to do business with
  • We work together as a team – teams are key to assuring innovation and effectiveness
  • We have respect for differences
  • We are cost conscious - we can get by in a smart way without incurring the “corporate” cost levels.


  • We have lots of energy, and we restlessly pursue our objectives
  • We focus on client value - performance is rewarded, lack of performance means change of job.

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